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Eye-Opening Dryer Vents by Lal

Having random conversations with random people is sometimes eye-opening.
It's almost as if your paths in life crossed just so you could inspire or be inspired by each other. 
And then you move on with life. 

Standing on line at the bookstore, I saw a woman and our eyes met instantly. She gave me the best smile, filled with so much warmth. We struck up a conversation. 

"Hi!", I said to her. "It's a beautiful day today, isn't it? Especially in December."
"Yes! I'm feeling so good today. Sometimes, just getting out of the house feels so good."
I agreed. 

During our conversation, my subconscious instinct to ask the "why" questions took over, and after grilling the poor woman, I came to find out that she owned 12 cats, and had recently been having trouble breathing.  She also said that she felt better when she left home and that she hadn't cleaned her vents in her home for over 40 years.

And, of course I asked her why she hadn't cleaned her vents, and she said that her husband didn't understand the need for it.

Not once did this anonymous woman extrapolate that she may have trouble breathing in her home because her vents hadn't been cleaned in 40 years.  Not to mention that she has 12 cats in her home, creating and bringing in not only dust, but also shedding their cat hair.
Even with NO pets in a home, we are all recommended to clean our vents once a year or once every 2 years.
I just could not convince her that cleaning the vents may actually help.

It was finally my turn on the check out line, and it was hard to walk away from this woman, having trouble breathing, yet not open to any new ideas.

I know that sometimes I am pretty thick-headed.  So, from this experience,
1- I do hope that I have gained some insight into my own psyche, and I will try and be more open to other people's suggestions.
2- I do hope that I have planted a seed in this woman's head so she does convince her husband to clean the vents in her home!  

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