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Are some people born with a negative energy and some with a positive energy? Or does our energy reflect our environment? Do people in our lives influence our energy level? Some people believe that it is a combination of the above factors that makes us either positive or negative individuals.

Or are we just born with neutral energy and then through our experiences, does our neutral energy transform into either positive or negative?
Why do some people always look at the positive side of a given situation and some only look at the negative side? How can some people transform a situation into something they can learn from and some people transform the same situation into an excuse to wallow in their negative energy?

Why do two individuals, both having the same negative environmental factors, grow into two very polar opposite people, with one being extremely positive and successful and one very negative, and wasteful?Are we all born with a certain degree of intuition? Can some of us, who have more insight, more easily draw upon the positive aspect of a situation more easily? On the flip side, if we are not born with this natural intuition, are we not able to tap into this insight which enables us to see the positive side of a given situation?.
Maybe our energy levels that we attain in life are a function of how much insight we are naturally born with? This insight may have to do with our genetic make up or our consciousness.

Some people believe that we attain our energy level from birth. They believe that when a child is in the mother’s womb, the child will take on the energy level of the mother. If the mother was anxious, depressed, or troubled during her pregnancy, the child within will also take on that same energy. Carol Tuttle in her book, “Remembering Wholeness: A Personal Handbook for Thriving in the 21st Century” talks about how the energy we attain before our birth leaves an imprint on us. If this energy is negative, we may start out our life with a struggle.

Can a thought also be a form of an energy? Some say that it is. Some think that the universe absorbs the thought. Positive or negative, this energy will go out and touch the people that the thought is directed towards. If the thought is positive, it may help a person and if negative, a thought may be able to hurt the person. However, the thought, negative or positive always comes back to the person from whom it had originated. As the saying goes, “What goes around, Comes around”. Maybe that is what the saying is really trying to tell us. Thoughts are like prayers. Religion tells us to pray. Prayer is actually a form of meditation. It is a focus of thought on a particular person, event, or an outcome. We pray because we want “God” to help us to direct an event in a certain direction, or help a person out of their current negative situation. The religious will say that “God granted my request”. Could “God” just be the personification of energy? Are we not just sending out a pulse or a quantum of energy into the universe? This energy usually does create positive results. People often say that their prayers have been answered.

One negative energy is being in a state of depression. While we are is in this state, we feel sad and morose most of the time. In this state, we feel like we are disconnected with ourselves. Our energy frequency is low, and uncomfortable, and we are unable to fathom how we can actually get out of this state. Depression does not define who we are. It takes a hold of your life and your identity, and creates an illusion of who we are. However, depression can be controlled. It is actually only an expression of our experiences. This state of being in a depression is all consuming. It is like a “good friend” that stays by you through thick and thin. It keeps you safe from the world. It stops you from taking on “unpredictable risks”. This state of being whispers to you, and says things like:I can’t control others and what they do, so I will stay away from everyone.Why do only bad things only happen to me?What am I doing wrong? Why doesn’t anyone like me?These negative thoughts feed into our very soul. Energy follows our thoughts, and these negative thoughts give us negative energy. Sometimes we have been depressed for so long, that we have become comfortable with the low frequency at which we live. Our body is so used to feeling this way, that not having this negative feeling makes us so uncomfortable that we feel that we are going to die.

It becomes very difficult to get out of this state of depression. We must overcome our fear of not feeling negative. Being in this state of depression makes us feel so out of place around positive people, that we may even try and sabotage the positive energy. We may do this by trying to bring the positive people down to a lower energy level by any means possible.

There must be a desire to become more positive before it can be achieved. If this innate desire is not present, there is virtually no way that a positive outlook can be attained.

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