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I can see the woods behind my home. I can smell the fresh, crisp taste of the summer in the air; the birds chirping; the bright sun throwing its rays across the blue sky, and into my backyard.

The woods have a way of beckoning m e, “Come in, Come in” they say. “Come and see what you are missing.” The trees form a kind of doorway into a magnificent universe which awaits me. I run down two flights of stairs, out of my home, across the tick, plush, grass and into my backyard. I gaze upwards and see tiny black specks fling into a v leaning out of my deck, warning me to return home before it gets dark.

I walk through the grass, so thick that it hides my sneakers as I make my way to the gate of the forest. The tall trees loom before me; they wait, daring me to make my first move and venture into the woods.

The mud by the tree trunks are wet from last night’s rain. I notice this as I start walking into the base of the forest. The wind rustles the leaves of the trees, and swirls my hair all about my face. I struggle to move the branches out of the way, and push my hair from my eyes. Is the wind there to help the trees? Are they all trying to stop me from entering their home?
I keep walking … walking... over old, dead, brown leaves from last fall; over old, broken branches, and small pebbles.

A squirrel suddenly lurches from behind a tree branch, and swings onto another tree right in front of me, as if taunting me, daring me.
I am not afraid… I keep walking. The mud walkway between the trees creates an unmistakable path, on which I must walk and one which I must follow. The mud walkway leads me down, farther down it slopes.

I can hear the silent brushing of the stream against the solid rocks just ahead. I can see the slight ripple of the water, as the current takes each ripple downstream.
Where is she going? Where is she flowing? Should I follow it, or should I jump over it, and keep walking??

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