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“Science and Technology amplifies the egoic dysfunction in our society.”
I do not entirely agree with this statement. The ego is the amplification of the self. If science and technology is not used to enhance society, it can eat away at the human mind, and alienate humans, making direct physical contact between humans scarce. This time spent alone, can enhance the ego.However, if used in a positive manner, we can use technology and science to learn more about ourselves, the planet we live in and the universe.

EGO AS A DYSFUNCTION“Keep your own ego in check.” Tolle spoke of looking within yourself and finding the voice within, and separating the true inner voice from the voice of the ego. The ego is the dysfunction built into our thought processes. He says that by putting positive energy into the universe, we can affect everyone else’s energy fields. As positive energy contributes, so does negative energy such as individual fears, doubts, and angers all contribute to the collective.
BE A WITNESS TO YOUR EGO.In order to keep the ego in check, we need to just observe our voices and not react to them. Our voices in our heads or the ego, tells us things like, “You should go to church.” This voice controls our actions. Tolle says to just be “a witness” to your thought processes. Do not try to control them or push them away. The guilt you may feel when your voice says “You should go to church.” Is the conflict in the mind or whether you should follow the egoic mind or follow the way of the conscious mind. Once you have realized this and just observe the voice without allowing it to affect you, then you have surpassed the ego.

“EMBRACING SILENCE”“Embracing Silence” is a group that was created to share the consciousness. When a community of people join together to attain consciousness, ther is an increase in the energy field that is generated throughout the planet. It is helpful to join together with others, but only helpful to enhance your own consciousness. You should not be dependent on the group. If you become dependent on the group, then you will always need to go back to the group to get the energy, and you will not be able to generate it on your own.

“THE ROAD TO HELL IS PAVED WITH GOOD INTENTIONS”You don’t become good by trying to become good. You must find the goodness that is already within, and allow it to emerge. It can emerge only if the ego allows it to emerge. If you try too hard to be good, you are not being truly good.

“BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD”Tolle says that this is the entire wisdom of religion. To be still is to tap into your inner self. The inner self is the essence of who you are and it remains untouched.
If something that you get does not satisfy you even when you get it, then it is coming from the EGO. Trying to make things satisfy you does not do a thing and will not utimately satisfy you. True satisfaction is not attained by things. Things can be lost or they can age. Then what happens to you? True satisfaction comes from within.

ACCEPTANCE IS THE CATALYST FOR CHANGEAccept life for what it is. The basis for life is the present moment. If you resist things in your life, they will only persist. Resisting will only cause more of it. There must be acceptance of what is there at the present moment, first. Then, action comes out of acceptance, not out of resisting what is there at the present moment.

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