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Today a patient of mine told me a story of his home of 30 years that he had to leave behind. He was forced to leave yesterday, and he had to put all of his things in storage.

It was not a straight run of the mill foreclosure. Apparantly he and his wife had refinanced on their home when his wife got lung cancer and they had numerous other bills to pay off. They did not have enough money to pay their hospital bills and their living expenses, so his wife had to get a lien on the home. It was probably the worst decision they ever made, as one can see in hindsight, but at the time, it was the only option that they had.

His wife died last year and during that time he had an injury at work, where he hurt his back lifting heavy loads.

Foreclosures happen in many ways. Even if the home is completely paid off, you can still lose your home if you make bad financial decisions and especially if you refinance on your home.
Their medical expenses were so unbelievably high, with all of the chemotherapy expenses, and medical and hospital visits. Their health insurance only paid for a percentage of the total cost they incurred.

Between Foreclosures and The Atrocious Health Care System, our country seems to be on a downward spiral right now.
It is so unbelievable for insurance companies to charge so much money for care of a patient who has a terminal illness. They know full well that the terminal patient will eventually die and that cost of cancer treatments and just care of the patient will inevitably fall on the shoulders of the family members once that person is gone.

How could this country's health care be so defiantly apathetic!

Don't our tax dollars go into the wars and battles we fight oversees that we really know nothing about, and only know in theory and from the pictures that are chosen for us to see?

So, why can't our tax dollars be spent on health care? Why can't our country have an optional tax where we can opt out of it and go into private insurance if we want, but have a blanket health care for everyone which will cover everything?

How is it fair that people with lower income brackets have virtually every expense covered, but those of us who work hard can hardly afford a health plan?

As a human being, I think it is important for our country to think about all of our peoples' lives. Yes, our taxes will be higher, and some argue that they are healthy and do not want to pay for the next person's illness. But we should also act as a community; as a family. God forbid something were to happen to even the healthiest of us all, we would have the best of health care available, and insurance companies and medical costs will not destroy our lives completely.
I believe that we should also have the option of private insurance for those of us who desire this.

Do you have any stories of Foreclosures? or Health Care? Do you agree? Disagree? Comments?

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