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I have seen this book on my parent's shelf for years... since I can remember. SIDNEY SHELDON! OH PLEASE! I must have said those last words so many times... I can't even tell you.

And it seemed so boring to me... just looking at that cover for so many years just turned me off.

Then one day, I was itching for something to read that didn't require me think so much.

Lately I've been reading some pretty deep books... like the Ekhart Tolle books which really made me think and see things in a new light... but I wanted something else.. some light reading.

And I grabbed this one off the shelf. To my amazement, I just love the book. I love it so much, I may even grab another of his books and see if I can get through that one too.

Goes to show that old saying holds true. Don't judge a book by its cover!!!

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