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Have you ever actually sat down in your living room and observed your family member or friend who was watching television?

The absolute dead focus in their eyes; A slight flicker of their eyelids and the almost unnoticible dart of their eyes as they move from side to side and up and down, trying desperately to keep up with the changing images presented before them? The producers are always attempting to grab their attention with every scene thrown on the screen and every word uttered by the characters.

We as people have become inactive, struggling to keep up with our favorite shows and cruising through our 500 television channels.

Are we to ever be satisfied? Do we need to be constantly stimulated in such a tireless manner? And at what expense? At the expense of losing ourselves to the imagined and intangible world inside a box or as it now is, a flat screen...

What has happened to our love for nature? What has happened to waking up just before the dawn and watching the sun as it comes up and colors the sky a different color each day? What has happened to searching the stars for the constellations that we should know?
We as a people have collectively turned into the zombies that we so feared in the Alfred Hitchcock films and the Twilight Zone stories. We are unable to even think of things to discuss.

Our topics will slowly become limited to what was on television last night.
It is no more about our neighbors. In fact, if you ask yourselves, most of you may not even know your neighbors, or have even seen them, much less be able to converse with them.
It is no more that we have intense debates and discussions around the dinner table and afterwards about a topic that is passionate to us. For, we don't even have a topic that is passionate to us. Our minds have become flat screens that we stare at night after night.

Becoming so used to our constant need for stimulation, we are unable to concentrate and we end up getting distracted very easily. Reading a book makes us fall asleep instantly, helping us to get into another intangible world that we can live in; a world that we are comfortable in.

How can we conquer our addiction to television and Do we even Desire to?

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