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"Charley's Web" by Joy Fielding

An astounding story about Charley, a young journalist who writes for an insignificant column, which gains her muh disfavor with everyone. However, people still look forward to reading hr column, so she keeps her job with the paper and cntinues to write. One day, she is contacted byJill Roehmer, a convicted slayer of 3 children. She killed small children whom she used to babysit. Thefelon decides that Jill will be the one to write her true stor. Meaning that she was not the only one who killed those children, but she had someone helping her.

In the end, after much psychological trtre Charley goes trough, she finds out that Jill's Lawyer is actually her accomplice in the child slayings. The lawyer even seduces Charley, making her believe that he is in love with Charley.

In reality, Jill and her lawyer are lovers conspiring to kill Charley's Children, just to have the last laugh and to have more sadistic pleasure.
When Charley finds out, she stops Jill's lawyer with the help of her brother.

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