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"HEARTSTOPPER" By Joy Fielding

Once again, Joy Fielding, my new deemed queen and master of suspense has entangled me in another novel of hers.

This one is set in Florida's Alligator Alley. The name, daunting enough as it is, creates the back drop of the story of a serial killer.

The novel is gripping to say the least. The story is set in the midst of a small town America, where each character knows the other, and is connected in many ways. She created the story in such spectacular fashion that I was unable to understand who the real killer was until the last 2o pages of the book.

An amazing psychological thriller. Dives into the characters psyche, personality and experiences. Makes you wonder about the little things that we say to one another and how a little harsh word or even a kind word can stay with someone for life and affect their mental well-being. Some words said with malice and said repeatedly could potentially create a serial killer.

For some facts on Joy Fielding that I recently discovered on her website: she is from Toronto, Canada and completed her BA in English Literature in 1966. No surprise there. But she did dabble in acting and even acted with Elivs Presley! She started writing at age 8 when she actually sent one of her pieces to a magazine, "Jack and Jill" but it was rejected.
Today she continues to write and has a family, a husband and two daughters. You can read more about her life on her website.

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