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In the few months of summer that we do have, Barbequing is one of the healthiest and easiest ways to enjoy the weather, cook, and still be able to find time for your friends and family. This recipe was a concoction that I threw together on the fly, but it turned out to be light, savory, and perfect for a hot summer day.
I didn’t know that marinating your food the night before can make such an impact on the quality of the food. Lucky for me, I marinated my chicken and vegetables the night before my barbeque.

You will need the following ingredients for Marinating the Chicken and Veggies:

1. Olive Oil Spray or “I can’t believe its not butter” spray
2. Boneless Chicken cut into square pieces (3 pieces of breast meat)
3. Green Zucchini x 1
4. Yellow Squash x 2
5. Shitake Mushrooms x 1 box
6. Green Peppers x 2
7. Red Peppers x 2
8. Red Pepper
9. Lemon x 2
10. Tumeric
11. Cumin Powder
12. Salt (Adobo)
13. Mustard seeds (crushed)
14. Mint (powder)

First, cut the boneless chicken into square pieces, and slice the Zucchini, Squash, Mushrooms, and Red/Green Peppers into pieces large enough to be able to fit a skewer.
Marinate the chicken in a separate dish from the vegetables, but add the same marination to both.

First, spray the chicken/vegetables with olive oil spray. Add Tumeric ½ teaspoon; Cumin 1 tsp; Salt 1 tsp; Mustard seeds ½ teaspoon; Mint ½ teaspoon to the chicken/vegetables. Add salt and pepper to taste. Finally, squeeze fresh lemon all over the chicken and vegetables. Cover with Aluminum Foil/Plastic Wrap and leave in Refrigerator overnight.

Next day/night:
Place chicken and vegetables on skewers, alternating the chicken with the vegetables. Be aware of the colors of the vegetables and make sure that you alternate colors so that you have an aesthetically pleasing skewer; and not to mention that its fun when you alternate colors.

Turn your grill on high and place the skewers on the grill. Keep the olive oil spray handy, in case you need more oil to cook the meat.

Wait for about 15 minutes and turn your skewers. Wait another 15-20 minutes until chicken is cooked and vegetables are slightly brown at the edges.
Serve on skewers, or remove and place on plates. Serves 4 people.

I hope you will enjoy this recipe as much as I did. Good Luck!

The spectacular pictures you see were all taken by my dear friend, Reshma Mahadkar. She is an upcoming photographer. You can see her work on her blog:

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