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Tasty Lentil Soup in less than 20 min.


This is what some people call the most nutritious food in the whole world. Lentils are rich in proteins, and you can add just about any vegetable to the dahl to enhance your tastebuds.

First, gather up your ingredients.

You will only need 10 things:
1. Tomatoes x 2

2. Onion x 1
3. Italian Eggplant x 1
4. cumin seeds
5. mustard seeds
6. Tumeric powder
7. Adobo Salt
8. Mint Powder
9. Olive Oil
10. Dry Chillies x 4

First, cut up the Tomatoes, onion and eggplant into small cubes.
Measure out one cup of Lentils and add to a deep cooking dish.

Fill the dish with water to about a quarter of the dish. Cover the dish and allow the Lentils to boil.
Once the water starts to boil, add the tomatoes, onion and the eggplant into the dish and stir occasionally. Cover when you are not stirring.

In a separate pan, pour one tablespoon of olive oil and heat. When the oil is sufficiently heated, add Mustard Seeds, Cumin Seeds, Dried Chillies, Mint Powder, Adobo Salt and 2 Dashes of Tumeric. Allow this mixture to fry. Once the mustard seeds start to pop, turn the heat off.
Throw in the contents of this pan into the deep dish containing the lentils and vegetables. You may have to stir in a serving spoonful of Dahl into the pan to make sure that you have gotten all the small mustard and cumin seeds.

Turn the heat to low and allow the Dahl to cook slowing in the deep cooking dish until the Dahl is soft.

Serve with Rice or eat plain.

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