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I was out the other day in a park called Kissena Park with my family, and I noticed that I could only name a handful of trees by their leaves. Mainly from Botany Class in school. How many of these do you know?? The picture above is one of the flowers I saw at Kissena Park.

This tree was just really weird. It seemed like it had a personality and was actually looking at me...

I took some pictures of a few tree leaves, some I think I named correctly. Maybe some of you out there know trees better than I do. If you think or know I have guessed wrong... please comment. :)

TREE #1:
This, I believe is an Elm Tree.
Its leaves have double-serrated edges.

TREE #2:
This one I'm pretty sure is an oak tree..

TREE #3:
The Good Ol' Maple Tree

TREE #4:
An Ivy I believe...

TREE #5:
Not sure about this one?? Any Ideas??

TREE #6:
A Poplar??

TREE #7:
This tree could be an Elm Tree or even a Green Ash. I'm not sure about this one.

I hope this exercise will help us all to look at our trees and to learn more about them!!!
Cheers to Amazing Summers!

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