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Documentary: "Mystery of the Nile: IMAX"

Mystery of the Nile (IMAX)

This Documentary I just saw was unbelievable. It really captures the Nile River and its great expansive and all-encompassing nature. It is the life line of Africa, and provides a rich source of water, from which the essentials components of life are necessary for survival.
It is a great movie for all ages. It follows Gordon Brown and Pasquale Scaturro, two leaders of an expedition to travel the length of the Blue Nile. It is in fact the first time in all of history that the travelers journeyed the length of the Blue Nile and make it all alive and well.
The Blue Nile has its source from Lake Tana, Ethiopia, while the White Nile gets its source from Lake Victoria, in Uganda.  The Photography and Videography is breathtaking! 

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