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Tadasana - The Transition Pose

This word has been entering my mind all day long and I thought I would expand on the word and understand why Tadasana is so important in the practice of Yoga.

Tadasana, or "Mountain Pose" does not seem to be a very active or even a very useful pose. I often used to think it was a transition pose, from one active pose to another, and a complete waste of yoga time. But, as I began to increase my practice and engage my body and mind around the life style of yoga, I noticed that there was much more to Tadasana than I had thought possible.
Tadasana, like its meaning, "Mountain Pose" connects us to the earth through our feet and it connects us to the sky above us as well. Being able to center your body and feel the ground below you is essential in the practice of Yoga. Between poses, Tadasana allows us to reconnect to our bodies and to really feel what the pose we have just completed has done to our bodies. Through Tadasana we allow ourselves to feel our muscles and how they have expanded and changed as compared to when we started our Yoga for the day.
1- To correctly do Tadasana, you must first stand a little less than hip width apart with the outside of your feet parallel. You must plant your feet into the ground, feeling the earth beneath you.

2- Next, extend your body upwards, through your spine, elongating your back.

3- Raise your shoulders up and roll them back, keeping your back straight. Keep your head straight and over your neck. Reach your head up toward the sky.

4- Feel and Imagine your head reaching up and touching the sky. Lengthen your spine and ground your feet, spreading your toes and plant your feet into the stable earth beneath you.

5- Keep your jaw loose and relax all the muscles in your face and your forehead.

6- Keep your arms loose at your side and concentrate on a point straight ahead.
Doing Tadasana between poses is a good way to regroup and to reconnect with the muscles in your body before moving on to the next pose in your Yoga Practice.
Try doing Tadasana several times during the day when you are at work, and when you need to take a break. It is a great way to rest your muscles and to regroup before moving on to the next task for the day.

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