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Scripture Readings for today 04-19-2011: Isaiah 49:1-6; John 13:21-33, 36-38

In Recent months, I have begun to learn about the scriptures and this Easter Season, I have decided to try and follow along with the scripture readings.  They are quite nice and informative and of course teaches us that being a good person is the most important thing in life.
Today's scriptures discussed how Jesus prophesied that someone would deny him three times before the cock crowed, and that someone was boasting about how he loved Jesus.  I suppose I am akin to Peter.  I often deny Jesus, in front of others, even though in reality I do believe in him somewhat.  Even now, its hard for me to completely say that I believe in him.  I suppose that I do want to believe in something; but my mind tells me that I have no proof, and that I am just dabbling with the unknown, almost wasting my time.  Yet, I do find the Bible fascinating.  
I bought the Bible yesterday, in a sort of fit... almost like I was missing this piece of myself.  And I have read a few verses already.  And I do like it very much.
I went for Palm Sunday this past Sunday, and got a few Palms.  I put one in my car, another in the kitchen and one in my living room.  I feel good with the palms around.  And I felt good going to Church.  Maybe because there were people around, who like me, knew the verses and the prayers and I felt as though I was part of a whole... 

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