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The Young Shaking Man

I met a young man today, who said that he stepped on a piece of glass almost 6 months ago.  And he now feels as though the glass is trying to come out.  He said that the pain coincided with his stepping on a piece of glass.  He is unable to get to it.
I took a look at his foot and there I saw, not a piece of glass, but all clinical signs pointing to a veruccae, or a plantar's wart.  My patient was extremely nervous.  His feet were shaking and he was sweating.  He was around his mid-twenties, and my first thought was that no one has ever touched his feet in his life.  Reading psychology, I have learned that in order to calm someone down and make them feel good and at ease, you must speak slowly (not too slowly.. since the nervous patient is just nervous... not stupid), speak clearly, and look at the person very gently straight into the middle of their eyes.  Consistency in this respect, while talking with someone, will generate confidence, and trust.
At the end of the session, my patient stopped shaking and sweating and was speaking with me with ease.  I asked him before he left, "So, it wasn't so bad, was it?"; and he went on to tell me that he was really very nervous when he came into the treatment room.  This, anyone could have guessed... but by making him comfortable, he was even able to share with me his fears.  I knew just then that I had attained his trust.

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