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Is Nomorerack For Real??

Yes, Nomorerack is For Real!!  In our fast-paced lives, sometimes it's nice to have one and only one website where you can sit at home and shop for anything.  Everything is at your fingertips, especially when its cold outside and you just don't want to have to trudge out into the cold Again!  An added bonus would be that this website has prices that are just right, and maybe even better than just right; prices that you just can't refuse!!

I know!  You think that I am living in La-La-Land and that there is no such thing, but I want you to go right now, and see for yourself.  Check out  Its an internet based online shopping site.  You sign up and every day you will get 8 new deals.  You will also get an "insanity deal", once a month, where you can get items like an IPad for less than $50!!

Another pet-peeve of mine are shipping costs!  That's where they get ya!  Even with the best deals, you still have to pay shipping!!  But at Nomorerack, shipping is $2.00 flat, regardless of the item that you purchased.  I like that a lot!!

If you are STILL not sure, read about them some more.  There are several nomorerack reviews out there.  You can see what other people are saying before you decide to sign up.  But its probably the best thing you will do for yourself this year.

One more thing I need to address is the fact that I noticed that there was some negative publicity about a nomorerack scam!  So of course, my nosey little self had to look into it.
I found that the scam was not a scam at all.  In fact, it was just the opposite!  (Someone had scammed Nomorerack, and hacked into their system!).  There is so much hacking going on these days, but all the clients information was safe and secure.

Whatever you do this year, make sure that you sign up for Nomorerack!  Its the best present you will give yourself this winter!  :)

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