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The Airport, A basket, and a Rabbit!!

I decided to take a trip to California during the summer.  I couldn’t sit alone all week while my husband was on a business trip, so I thought that I would go to Las Vegas, and possibly include a quick trip to San Francisco and even the Grand Canyon.  I packed a large suitcase and decided to go on my trip for one week.  While packing, I realized that I had no one to drive me to the airport, so I decided to call for a cab.  I called a local cab company, and gave them my flight information and when I needed to be picked up.  They decided that they would come and get me around 7pm.  My flight was at 8:30pm and the airport was not too far from my home.  Not to mention, that it was not an international flight, so there were not as many checks to go through. 

When I got to the airport, I checked my suitcase in, and I decided to keep a small purse with my kindle, so I could read on the plane.  I found a nice quiet spot in the terminal area, right by my gate.  I sat myself down, with a cup of coffee that I bought at the deli and opened my purse to get my kindle out.  As I reached into my purse, I heard a bit of rustling near me, so I instinctively looked up and around to make sure that no one around me needed help.  But the terminal was virtually empty.  I bent down to look under my seat, to see if the rustling was coming from there, and that’s when I saw a basket, which was moving from side to side.  The basket was causing the rustling motion! 

I reached down and pulled the basket out, and looked all around once again, hoping to find the owner of the basket running toward me, but there was not a soul that even noticed what I was doing.

So, I pulled the basket completely out.  It was light brown, made of wicker and looked almost like a picnic basket, with a top covering the opening of the basket and a large handle.  The top cover had two openings, one on the left and one on the right.  I was staring at the moving basket wondering what to do next, when the lid on the right side of the basket quickly opened and closed.  I knew that obviously something was in that basket and it was alive. 

It took all my courage to lift up the lid on the basket and right there was the little face of a rabbit.  He was all white, with a pink nose, shivering and frightened.  Oh My! What do I do now??  I went up to the desk by the gate entrance and asked the employee if someone had reported a missing basket.  She looked at my quizzically and said that she would look at the lost and found list on the computer. She said that no one had reported any such thing.  I decided not to tell her about my bunny rabbit and for some reason, I made up my mind to take my rabbit to Vegas. 

I quickly picked up the basket and went to the bathroom, where I opened the top of the basket and peered inside.  The rabbit was only a baby, and he had plenty of food and water left for him.  In the container of food, I noticed something glistening.  I took the container out of the basket to get a better look, and that’s when I noticed that the container had a clear bottom.  Under all the food, was another compartment filled with rose petals, and a heart shaped emerald sitting in the bed of roses.  And right underneath all of that was a little white piece of paper.  I carefully twisted open the bottom container.  The emerald was glistening and breath taking as it sat on the rose petals.  I reached in and pulled out the little note.

“To the love of my life…. Happy Anniversary!  Yours Forever.” 

Now, I really felt bad.  I had removed a surprise gift to someone else!!! I had to go back to the same place I was sitting before and return the basket.  I felt like such a big confounded fool !! I quickly put the food container back, and rushed out of the bathroom, only to find my husband standing there with his arms wide open. 

“Hi sweetheart!” he said.  “You found the basket!! I knew you would pick the quietest corner, so I put the basket there.”
“Did you really think I would let you go to Vegas ALONE??” he mused… 

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