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Persimmon Obsession

So, I'm still thinking about Persimmons, but I haven't actually found a store which has any good ones. 
The other day, I very excitedly took my daughter to the farmers market to get my share of those delicious beauties. 
Just before I could even touch one, a little voice called out, "Mommy, what are you doing?"
"I'm getting us some persimmons." I said. 
"I want to get one all by myself!" Came the instant quip. 
"Okay.", I said as I picked my daughter up in my arms so she could grab one and put it into the shopping cart. 

With her gloved hands, she reached for one over-enthusiastically, putting her entire thumb right through the fruit! 

She immediately dropped the fruit and as if time was in slow motion, she looked at her now wet thumb, and then looked at me. 

"Guess we're not getting those." I said, as I touched the other ones quickly just to see if they were all just as soft. 

"But Mommy! My thumb!" I pulled off my daughter's gloves and put them in my purse. I quickly walked away from the cart of persimmons before someone noticed the hole in one! 

Bottom Line- I've still only had but one persimmon! 

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