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The new profile picture above is the sky this morning, July 19, 2009 at 5:10am.
I had an urge to get up this morning just to breathe in the morning air and let the air consume me.

The morning, just before the sun rises is the best time to be outdoors. That window of opportunity, where you can rejuvinate and feel whole and complete is the hours of dawn, when the sun is starting to come up but it has not completely risen.

The air is pure and fresh and the birds and animals are just waking up. I can sense their activity, and I can almost picture them coming out of their stupor, waking up to the new world.
The birds also start with their sporadic chirping. It is the favorite time of the day for me. I used to wake up before everyone in my home when I was a kid.. my father used to call me the "alarm clock" for our home. But these days I rarely have a chance to wake up in time to see the sun rise. Even If I do wake up on time, I rarely have the focus or the frame of mind to relax and just enjoy the beauty surrounding me.
I was happy that I had that chance to do that today. I have to do this more often. Its a form of meditation; a clearing of the mind and a beginning of a new day and a new life.

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