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Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover??

Do we really get to know who people really are, deep down inside? Or do we just see what people want us to see? Even the people whom we consider really close, our parents, our wives, husbands and our best friends…. Are they just showing us the part of them they want to display, or do they really reveal their souls to us?

I thought of this today, when my husband and I were out with a couple we just made friends with. We all spoke over the phone 2 days prior to our meeting. Yet, when we met in person, it was somehow different. Strange… like I was more connected to the person on the phone than I was to the exact same person standing in front of me…

I felt that way one other time with a cousin of mine. I even went as far as acknowledging the strangeness that I felt. I told my cousin that I felt closer to her when we spoke on the phone than I did when she was in front of me.

Does facial expression and just a way a person looks change who they are? If we were never to see the people we interact with, do you think that we may make friends more easily, without the bias that vision gives us? Or is vision a necessary evil that we have to sometimes ignore in order to delve into a person’s inner soul and personality? Do we sometimes make too quick a judgement call?

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” is what we were always taught. Does that mean that we should forget about how a person acts, or looks, or behaves, and just concentrate on what they say?
What do you think?

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