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Orange Calla Lilly: My Favorite Flower!

The Orange Calla Lilly you see above is my favorite flower. And its the flower that is sitting in my living room right NOW! I took this picture because I just couldn't resist! The beauty of a Lily just overwhelms me!!

I buy a bunch occasionally to liven up my living room, especially when I have visitors.

This time I bought beautiful vibrant orange Lillies. I love the splash of orange in my otherwise dark brown and green color distribution.
The other name for it is the "Fire Lilly".

Believe it or not, but in some cultures, i.e. Irish: it is a symbol of disdain, especially when given as a gift. I want to research more on the Orange Calla Lilly and find out why it has such a negative connotation in the Irish Culture.

Does anyone have any ideas?


  1. i dont know about the whole Irish culture- but i do know that i LOVE Lily's they are my favorite. Ill take them in any shape, form and color. I can't imagine why they would be considered a symbol for disdain- or even used in funerals.

  2. TOUCHE!! My thoughts exactly! :)

  3. A symbol for disdain, really? The Irish are weird. I did read that the Lily also symbolizes: Majesty, wealth, pride, innocence, purity. Then there are different types of lilies and each one symbolizes something. Interesting, indeed!