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I just went to see a play called "Bodylogue" last night with my husband. It was done by a talented actress, Deepti Gupta at the 45th street theatre. She put on an amazing show and had such energy and enthusiasm throughout the play!

Deepti plays several characters in the girl's life from the age of 7 to 25. The girl's name is Sonu and she wants to be an actress. But becoming a good actress is tough. She does not have the typical "beauty" that Bollywood or Hollywood are looking for, yet she does not give up. She was constantly reminded of how "dark" she was and how her features would not get her into a lead role.

The play will have you laughing one minute and have you on the verge of tears the next. It is a uncompromisingly true adaptation of a young woman and her struggles of growing up and being accepted into her profession and into society. She, as most of us, had to find her niche in our complicated world.

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