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"GRAND AVENUE" BY Joy Fielding

This is one of Joy Fielding's books that I did not find as suspenseful as I thought I would... it took me weeks to get through it, and when I finally got 3/4 of the way through the book, it got interesting and suspenseful..

It was not one of my favorite books by her.
It was all about 4 women who moved to a street called Grand Avenue and developed a close friendship with each other. They all had small children and that made them connect and meet often so their kids could play and they could relax with each other, sharing their lives; their highs and their lows.

Then as time went on that circle of friendship started to crumble and each woman started to go their separate ways. The woman of most concern was Chris, who had a troubling relationship. But in the end, one of the women was murdered and the person who murdered her was her daughter who at the very end of the book, got off scott free, and even admitted that she did in fact kill her mother. Later we find out the real reason she killed her mother was because she was a psychopath and got her own identity confused with her mother's.

A terribly twisted tale... not one of Joy Fielding's best.

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