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"My Bleeding Heart"

Inspired by a friend...
My Bleeding Heart in Unable to See
What is standing right in Front of Me.

What can I do
To get through to you?

Can’t you see?
I’m in perfect Misery!

But I love you, I do!
Why can’t I get through to you?

I want you to go,
And stop knocking at my door.

Please try and feel
My strong arms will create a seal.

How can I trust?
What if this is just lust?

You were hurt in the past..
But we will surely last!

What makes you so sure?
You look so demure.

I know we will last!
Just forget the Past!

My bleeding heart is unable to see
What is standing right in front of me.
How can I start to see
Without a healed heart that can just BE. 

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