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"Smelly Smelly Feet"

Inspired by Manishi

My Smelly, Smelly Feet
To me the smell Quite Sweet

But my cousin Nelly
She thinks they're quite Smelly

Back from work I walk through my Door
Flinging my shoes right on the Floor.

Time has come to take them Off
And start to remove each wet Sock

My socks are so Wet
Since my feet really really Sweat

Socks I have worn all Day
Their smell that has nestled in to Stay

I shutter at the Thought
Of removing even One Sock

In truth, I fear my cousin Nelly
She will scream, "Smelly, Smelly"

As I crouched on the floor to take off my Sock
I stumbled on a small little Rock

My feet flew in the Air
And I caught my cousin Nelly's Glare

I did not even Realize
I could not even Fantasize

That my foot would Land
On a place so Unplanned

This unfortunate Place
Was my cousin Nelly's Face

My smelly, smelly Feet
To me they smell quite Sweet.

My poor cousin Nelly
She screamed, "Smelly, Smelly"

At first I saw her startled Stare
Then I caught that aweful Glare

As she breathed in the air so Taint
Her eyes rolled up and she did Faint

My poor cousin Nelly
She passed out with my feet so Smelly

How can it be my Feet?
To me they smell so Sweet!

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