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POOFY... My new CAT

Since a cat came into my life, it has not been the same!  I did not know that cats could be so intelligent, and playful and lovable, all wrapped up in one!  They are smart... smarter than dogs, I dare say and I am enjoying every minute of my time with Poofy! 
He was called "PufferFish" when I first met him, but I renamed him Poofy, since his hair poofed up every time he got excited or scared. 
He has become such an important part of our lives...  My husband and I look forward to coming home knowing that he is waiting for us; at the same time, we know that he can spend his time alone and that he likes to spend his time alone.  We also look forward to his regular purrs, especially when we get home and just before we wake up in the morning. 
I've never actually heard a cat Purrrr...... and its quite a strange phenomenon when you first hear it.. but its now such a wonderful lovable sound, and we know that he appreciates us, and that he loves us..
I picked up this book called, "The Nine Emotional Lives of Cats" by Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson.  And it has been giving me nice insight into cats and their behavior.  I am able to understand my Feline a lot more and each chapter surprises me more and more.
To anyone out there who owns a cat, I highly recommend this book.  To those of you who don't have a cat or a dog, I highly recommend getting a cat!  I am biased, of course, but in our active lifestyles today, having a dog is a lot of work.  Dogs are not independent and they require more of our attention.  But cats can get on on their own.  Don't get me wrong.. they are social animals as well, however they can get on independently.

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