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"That Man" By Lal

He loved with his Heart
From the very start
He always knew
When I was feeling Blue
If I ever broke a glass
He was never ever crass.

He always said to Me
Loud as can ever Be
That it was just an accident
He would smile gently at me.
Telling me he loved me anyway
Even though I was not his perfect little girl today.

Once late at night
When there was hardly any light
I woke up from my sleep
And I found him waiting.
I thought he was waiting...waiting for me
The stars at night were like a sea
A sea of light dancing happi--ly

I will never forget that day
It is in my heart to stay.
The day of chatting through the night
Waiting for the sun to bring in the light.

I didn't want that night to end
But all I can do now is send
My sweet thoughts to him
On the other end.

He lives so far
Its hard for me to see him everyday
But I want him to know
That a day will never go
Without a thoought of that Man
That Man who makes my heart so Glad
Glad that I can call him my Dad...

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