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Do Cats Play Fetch?

I think Poofy (my cat) has "the heart of a dog" as my husband always says.  He has learned how to play catch with us... and much quicker than any of the dogs I have come across.  He especially loves crumpled receipts.  Personally I think he likes the sound of the crunchy paper as he tosses it left and right like a soccer player. 
When he is through playing soccer with his paper ball he lifts it up in his mouth and runs over to one of us, drops it down, and pushes the paper ball toward us with his nose.  Once we throw it, he'll run after it, play soccer with it and then return it to us again.  It can continue for a few minutes until he gets tired and then just strolls out of the room, like an obnoxious elegant cat that he is. 
I never knew cats played "FETCH" !

I just came across this poster of a cat playing pool!  I'll have to try that next! 

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