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Dreams: My word of the Day

I chose the word dream to write about today.  I chose it because I have always believed that it is so important for each one of us to dream.  Dreams allow us to set goals, so that we can eventually achieve them.  Without dreams, we lose our purpose in life.  And without purpose, we as conscious human beings feel no reason to go on with life. 
Since each one of us, with our dreams, contributes to the growth and expansion of our society.  Without dreams, our society would not grow and prosper. 
To me, dreams also mean much more.  I believe that the dreams that we have when we close our eyes and go to sleep, helps us to understand not only ourselves, but also the world that we inhabit. 
They help us to learn about our fears or inhibitions; our desires and needs; and about our motivations in life.  I have always believed in “sleeping on it”.  The “IT” could be anything.  From a lesson to a decision we need to make.  It is important to sleep on it so that our minds and our brains can evaluate and process our options, and we can come to a decision with a clear and a confidant state of mind.  

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