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Have you ever wanted to plan a party, but then decided not to, because of the thought of so much work??!!  Planning a party can be monumental, but if you think ahead, and plan ahead, you can have a great party which can be fun even for you, as the host.  One of the most important things you need to think about is:  What would make your guests happy and at the same time make sure that you have less work to do while the party is underway?  

Parties are so much fun, especially when you are able to organize it properly and make it fun not only for your guests, but also for you.  If you are planning on having an large gathering inside or having a party outdoors, like a pool party, make sure to have an ice table for food, and especially for your drinks; soda cans could be placed on this table, so people can freely grab drinks whenever they want.  This set up would allow guests access to food and drinks with minimal work on your part.
A buffet area is also a great idea, especially for large parties.  Whether you want to use your large dining room table, or your outdoor 6 foot plastic tables, it is a much better idea than trying to have a sit down dinner.  You will not be able to take care of all your guests needs, and a buffet table allows your guests the ability to go and get food whenever they want.  If your guests want to get second and third helpings, they can do so freely, with minimal effort placed on you as the host. 
When planning a large party, you will need to have room to store your food, especially if you are going to be cooking some of your entrées.  You should have a large refrigerator with enough room to hold your food.  Make sure to do your research before purchasing your refrigerator.  You should look for reviews like the frigidaire gallery 34693 reviews and see what other people are saying.  An extra storage freezer in your basement would also be a good idea.

Remember that parties need not always be big.  If you are throwing a small dinner party for a few close friends, or if you just want to relax with your significant other, make sure to think things through well before your event.  Again, make sure that the hoers devours area all set up in a convenient place where it is easy for your guests to get to. 
Make sure that you are not tirelessly cooking while guests are walking through the door.  Decide what you want to have ahead of time and make sure it stays warm in your oven.  So, when it is time for dinner, less is more.  The less you do, the more time you will have to spend with your guests. 
To add a unique splash all your own, a must have are monogrammed wine glasses, with your own unique initial.  Take a look at the duraclear wine glasses which will add a nice flair to your small dinner gatherings.  

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