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Moving to AL

Contribution by Prince Raymond

Moving here was the worst thing that ever happened to me or so I thought when I first moved in. I hated Alabama and I hated living here and it was all I could do not to pack all my stuff into the car and drive right back up to New York. The job was too good to pass up though so I’ve been making it work and there are some things I really have started to like about it here. It’s a lot slower paced than my old life was and that’s a good thing I’m finding out. There’s not as much technology here and it’s all about the hunstsville direct tv when I get home from work rather than subway rides and concerts but that’s okay – I’m learning to live life a new way and that’s been a lot of fun. I will say one thing for the south: the people are so stinkin’ friendly here it hasn’t been a lot of trouble making a new group of friends and that’s been my saving grace.

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