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Steel Signs the New Trend?

Everywhere I look I seem to see more and more Metal Signs.  Did you know that even the Hollywood Sign is made of Australian Steel which is painted white?  The Hollywood Sign was originally wooden and sheet metal.  Later, when the sign started deteriorating due to the wear and tear of weather, it was later redone as it is today. 
Today, most outdoor signs or signs that we hope to preserve longer are made of steel.  Another old sign which was redone was at the Second City Comedy Theatre in Chicago, Illinois.  That sign is now a beautiful stainless steel.  Make sure to take a close look at their business signs.  Its cleaner, brighter and very catchy.  A great change for a Comedy Club!  
Steel is an alloy of Iron and Carbon and is known for its ability to resist rusting and its ability to be welded into shape. 
Another niche that has been using Steel Signs are companies who want to display donor contributions.  Our society's generosity is one of the main reasons why some companies (including non-profit organizations, museums, and schools) even exist.  Find out for yourself some beautiful examples of signs for donors.  It is important to recognize and display what our donors have done for us and for our society.  

Today, we have the ability to utilize steel to make signs that will last.  Steel is readily available today, and is one of the most common materials in the world.  Approximately 1 Billion tons of it is produced every year.  Steel is used in building infrastructure, tools, ships, automobiles, machines, many appliances and weapons.  
To cut costs of redoing signage, many small businesses and large companies alike should start to utilize steel, and redo their signage if they have not already.  It seems to be the new trend.  It is Chic, and aesthetically pleasing; but more importantly, it is long lasting, especially in its ability to resist rusting.  Many companies are now making signs for businesses in steel.  Take a look for yourself at

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