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Perfection vs Just Can't!!

Perfection: A Perfect Day of Writing.
My body draws in the heat from my palms as they rest against my cup of hot chocolate. 

I sink further and further into the warm nest of covers I have created in the corner of my art room. 

Here, is my very own space, filled with odds and ends; posters and pictures I would not dare to hang anywhere else; my sand collection from the faraway places I have been to; my own crochet and paintings of fairies, clowns and birds hang on the walls around me.  A map of the world covers the entire wall facing me, daring me to think about other cultures and peoples. 

I close my eyes, as a diffuser at the far end of the room continues to send me wisps of lemongrass, a piece of an Island I brought home with me. 

Here, the words flow endlessly.  Here, in the warm nest of covers in the corner of my art room, I am. 

Just Can’t!!
My eyes see double when I try and focus on the paper in front of me.  My thoughts wander to my parents, my brother, and my friends.  I hold a pen in my frozen fingers.  A sudden chill runs through me as I shake it off wondering why I am so cold. 

Okay! Concentrate! I have to write!

I have layers of clothes on, but still the frigid air seeps into my bones.  The heater must not be working. 
I start to fidget in my chair.  The left side of my leg has become numb.  I shift in my chair to try and get more comfortable, but a spot on my back starts to itch.  I twist back and forth, relentlessly trying to get to that spot.  I have too many layers on and I just can’t seem to get to it.  Oh forget it, my nose itches more!

Okay, I got it.  Of course, now everything itches!  I must look like a monkey in my itching frenzy. 

I have to fix the heater.  It’s too cold in here and I’m hungry!

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