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PAPERCLIP: The Beginning…

I have finally been formed, sitting her in a box full of my brothers.  I can’t wait to move.  I feel so stiff, with my legs and arms twisted; I wish I were a girl.  At least I’d be pretty, and be able to have different colors.  But I know I’m a boy, because boys are always put into these huge boxes with other boys, and there are no windows to look out of.  I saw a few of my sisters when they were being made.  They had a large window where everyone could look into, and they could look out and see the world too.  They looked so bright and cheery with their pink, yellow and green coats on.  I wonder if I’ll be able to wear coats like that one day.

But from what the elders have told me about their adventures, until they returned years and years later, our lives will be full of excitement; unless of course we get stuck with a company.  If that happens, who knows what may happen to us; they say the boys usually end up under piles and piles of white sheets if they end up involved with a big firm, or some large facility which uses us daily. 

The girls on the other hand are so lucky.  They only stay at one place for a short time and flit around to another place where they are wanted more for their coats.  The girls have a much richer life, full of travel, escapades and fun!

My only hope is that they send me back to the factory one day and I will be transformed into a girl.  J 

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