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I appreciate the guest post, Vito Rivers
Why are guys so obsessed with cars? We were driving north through Kentucky and saw signs for the “Tear Jerker Car and Craft Show.” Obviously the craft part was to convince the ladies to allow their husbands to go. And yes, we went. The crafts were less than desirable, but according to my husband, the cars were legendary. Really? I don’t see it. Shiny and loud, yes, but worthy of tears, no. I get that you can customize them. I even get that you can paint them pretty colors, but that just makes them sound like the crafts we saw: scintillating, custom, and in all kinds of colors. But I don’t get tingly inside from crafts. My husband practically drools over custom antique cars. He could watch car shows on TV all day long. I wonder if the “Tear Jerker” show hooked up with direct tv lexington to get on the local Do-It-Yourself channels. My husband and many other men like him would definitely watch, so I guess that’s one way to get him out of my hair.

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