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Angels, Their Wings on so High!

Angels…Their Wings on so high!
By Sharon S. Joag

Angels, Their Wings on so high!
We Stop, and We Watch
As Their Feathers go by...

What are we to do 
With Angels so true?
We Watch and We Learn
Until They return.

Where can we find these angels?
In the souls of little girls, With big long curls?
Or do they live in little boys
While they play with their toys?

These angels we are after... 
Are they in our laughter?
Are they so very near
That we don't see them or hear?

There are so many faces.. 
Am I looking in all the right places?
Find them Where you least expect, they say...
Are they hiding in my cats as they play?

As I sit and I ponder...
My mind starts to wander..
Oh My! Oh My! Why Couldn't I see?
Haven't you ever thought of this Possi-bility?

A little whisper in your ear
That beautiful angel is so near
That voice that says very quietly
"There's an angel hiding inside of ME!"

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