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I'm Queen of this Land and I want to be Free!

I want to be Free!

I can't open the door
I can't open the screen
I just want to come out
Please, Don't be mean...

I'll keep hiding you see,
Inside my locked house
Please come in and Find me
I feel like a trapped Mouse

Why can't you find me?
I want to be seen
Come in and Find me
I want to be Queen

They know I'm in here
No one will tell
Keep this big secret
Or you'll go straight to Hell

All I can tell you about me, you see
Is that I'm a just woman
And I want to be Free

I'll be Queen of this Land
I'll be Queen of the Sun
I want to be Queen
Queen of all Fun!

I can't make a sound
I can't make a peep
Just look all around
I'm buried quite deep.

Over the hedges and over the trees,
Come in and find me...
Just get on your knees!
Just dig through the dirt and you will see...

I'm waiting for someone
By someone I mean
I'm waiting for You
To set me Free!  

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