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Healthy Eating This Thanksgiving

By Sharon S. Joag, DPM

Like most of us, you will most likely be with your family this Thanksgiving.  It’s a time to catch up, be with your family and EAT!  This Thanksgiving, try and add in some power foods into your diet, and share a healthy meal with your family. 

Q: Why should I add these foods into my diet?
A: It is important for us to share healthy eating habits with our family, especially our kids.  Kids develop habits as children and they learn by example, so eating a healthy diet and including some super foods regularly into their diet can prevent them from acquiring systemic diseases, such as Diabetes when they grow to be adults.

Q: What are these power foods?
A:  You can remember what these super foods are by the Acronym: GOMBBS.
Greens, Onions, Mushrooms, Beans, Berries and Seeds or Nuts.  Try and incorporate some of these foods into your Thanksgiving meal this year! 

Q: What’s so good about Greens, Onions & Mushrooms?
A: Raw Green Leafy Vegetables are the MOST Nutrient Dense of all foods out there.  They protect blood vessels, and the can lower the risk of developing Diabetes.  Onions also have anti-diabetic properties and have a positive impact on cardiovascular health, and also have anti-cancer effects.  Mushrooms are associated with decreased risk of Breast Cancer, Stomach and Colorectal Cancer. 

Q: What about Berries, Beans and Seeds?
A: Berries are superfoods! They also are associated with a decreased risk of Diabetes as well as , blood sugar.  They also stabilize food cravings. 
Nuts and Seeds contain healthy fats and have benefits on your cardiovascular system.  Nuts help maintain weight and it prevents Diabetes.
As long as your family does not have Nut allergies, try sprinkling powered nuts over any food.  You won’t even notice it and it will add to the nutritional value of your food. 

Q: Will GOMBBS prevent my children from acquiring Diabetes?
A: If your child has Diabetes Type 1, also known as Juvenile Onset Diabetes, this type of Diabetes requires insulin, as the pancreas is unable to produce Insulin; a healthy diet is essential, however Diabetes cannot be prevented. 
It is important to teach children about the power foods that are out there, and to nurture a love for the GOMBBS foods.  This basic healthy diet will help children as they grow to combat systemic diseases such as Diabetes Type 2, which is affecting more and more children every year.  

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